CoD4 Xbox 360 Patch Released

The patch for CoD4 on Xbox 360 was finally released earlier today. I can say that I am happy for it but also disappointed because Host Migration is not what it should have been. (I.E. like/same as Halo 3 and CoD3). The sniper is like 99% fixed, I’ve had very very few “wtf” I hit him moments but it is pretty much fixed and you’ll be happy. I don’t snipe but I’ve wanted to play with it since the game came out but it was worthless. I don’t use the ACOG scope but from what people have said over Xbox 360 and on different forums, it’s not really fixed. Red dot owns ACOG anyways, the people that use it usually suck too.

I know I am not the only one to experience this but I have not read many talking about it. It seems as if the, maybe?, the host migration has caused problems with playing with full rooms now. All we really play 98% of the time is TDM and it’s hard to get 6 on 6 games now or if it’s just 3-4 of us, it’s hard to even fill up to room because 4 on 4 is boring, same with 3-3, etc.

    New Kill Cams
    Host Migration
    Improved Sniper Accuracy
    Improved ACOG Scope Accuracy
    Upgraded Spectator Cam
    Quick Mute Option
    Improved Network Performance For Larger Games
    Optimized Server Selection for First Match
    Fixed “Playlist Older Than Host” Error
    Additional Start Spawn Locations in All Maps

You can read full details on update at IAMfourzerotwo’s Blog located here.