Call of Duty World at War MP Beta Glitchers

There are many, many, many people doing this right now in the Call of Duty World at War Multiplayer Beta. It is just absolutely sad when people need to do this though and think it’s somewhat fun to them and amusing. XzfloydzX (Gamertag) is just another one of those people who just does not deserve to be called a gamer nor should be yet alone even be part of the beta.
We win by the way as can easily be seen by our current score in the bottom left corner anyways (TDM is up to 750 to win). They cannot even win by cheating. The guy did not get many kills (believe it was 6 at the end though mine on him was on purpose to capture footage). You can easily avoid that area if you want so your team can easily win and not be killed or just not play the map. I have yet to lose a game though in the MP Beta anyways.