Infinity Ward drops some new “Modern Warfare 2&# ...

Robert “Fourzerotwo” Bowling, director of communications and community manager at Infinity Ward, has updated his Twitter feed with word that he’s been reviewing voice-over from Modern Warfare 2. As in the sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that Activision still hasn’t properly announced.
Bowling’s tweet reads, “Reviewing some radio-chatter VO we just finished recording for Modern Warfare 2 today. ‘Cujo Two-One this is Vulture, solid copy on all.'” As you may remember, Heroes actor Ken Lally got into hot water for talking about VO he was doing for the game late last month.

And so the saga of one of gaming’s most recent Worst Kept Secrets continues. Oh, and Activision, it goes like this: official announcement in the spring, magazine cover and first look event shortly thereafter, full reveal at E3. That one’s on the house.
Source: Robert Bowling’s Twitter Feed | JoyStiq