Some Changes You’ll Notice Over CoD4

1. UAV’s can now be shot down. Same still goes for helicopters and the AC130.
2. Double weapon attachments, red dot and silencer anyone? 🙂
3. New kill streaks.
4. But with new kill streaks comes death streaks also come with this. After 3 consecutive deaths players will be able to choose their death streaks. They will need to unlock some of these, the default you get is Copycat which allows that player to steal his killer’s class for one round and get a taste of more advanced weapons and perks. Painkiller is another one which awards players 10 seconds of extra health after they have just respawned.
5. Secondary weapons. There is no longer a slot for your pistol it has been replaced with secondary weapons, so if you want to be a sniper and carry a shotgun, you can now.
6. New attachments for your weapons include a heartbeat sensor, thermal scope, tactical knife and more.
7. Riot shields! You can not shoot and hold it at the same time though but you can bash people with it. While not carrying it, you carry it on your back giving you protection from behind.
8. A capture the flag mode is here, which you all probably know if you have seen the flag runner multiplayer video.

The list is not limited to this and there is more details to come so look out for more update posts here as more details come in.