Xbox Migration Kit — Will it work for the LE MW2 Con ...

If you’re thinking about selling your Elite 360 (or Premium/Pro) console to put it towards the Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 360 you might want to sit back on that idea. The biggest interest that the MW2 console seems to have with fans is the 250GB HD that will be included with it.

For those of you that have never had to migrate your data, Microsoft created a data migration kit for those that wanted to transfer data from their 20GB/60GB to the Elite’s 120GB HD. It’s not as simple as it sounds though. The migration kit is probably the hardest item to try get a hold of. It’s not available in stores or sold elsewhere online. If you just buy the Xbox 360 120GB separately, it will include the migration kit for you. Otherwise if you just bought the Elite console itself, it does not include the migration kit. The only way to obtain this kit for your Elite is to call Microsoft’s support. They require your original serial number, your Elite’s serial number, and of course your address information. The charge for it is around $14+ for it.

So you’re thinking that all you need to do is this migration kit and you’re all set for your Xbox. Well, as it stands, you won’t be able to use this migration kit at all to transfer to your shiny new 250GB HD. According to the support document for the current migration kit, it will only transfer within these variables:

  • 20GB > 20GB
  • 20GB > 60GB
  • 20GB > 120GB
  • 60GB > 60GB
  • 60GB > 120GB
  • 120GB > 120GB

“However, content can only ever be moved from the smaller drive only once.  The transfer kit cannot move content from the larger 120GB drive. – source

There has been no mention of a migration kit being included with the LE MW2 console which doesn’t surprise me as the migration kit was not included with the Elite console. Back in 2007 Microsoft did run a promotion where you were able to send in a form to receive a free migration kit but that has since expired for those within the United States. This form appears to still be valid for those in the UK, Asia, and Africa.

So unless Microsoft releases a new migration kit, I would hold off replacing your current 360 console until then.