Aliens was an early idea for Modern Warfare 2

How much worse of a game would Modern Warfare 2 of been if aliens were brought into the picture? Well be glad it never happened because it was an early idea. How would this really come into picture and who thought of the dumb idea of possibly bringing in aliens? I sure hope this was just a joke.

If they were to of, no possible way should this of ever been Modern Warfare 2 or even a sequel. It should then be turned into its own game by them. Now onto the article from VideoGamer. According to Modern Warfare 2 script writer Jesse Stern, had the team at Infinity Ward made different decisions early on in the production process, players could have ended up shooting aliens or even zombies in the record-breaking sequel.

“Infinity Ward’s Jason West, Steve Macuda, Todd Alderman, Mackey McCandlish and me would talk about the kinds of stories we could tell, and we didn’t want to just make a straight sequel to Modern Warfare,” Stern explained to “We started kicking around anything and everything to weed out the bad ideas.

“In the beginning we talked about having things in Modern Warfare 2 like outbreaks, viruses, chemical warfare, and even outlandish things such as aliens and the living dead.”

In the end Stern and the rest of the team at Infinity Ward went with a more grounded version of the real world.