Black Ops 2 Microtransactions Trailer Released

A Black Ops 2 trailer has hit that showcases microtransactions.

Some of said microtransactions are quite absurd, but as long as they don’t mess with the balance of the game, Chris Carter of Destructoid doesn’t mind. Some of the personalization packs include graffiti riot shields, bacon guns, and benjamin bling pistols. The microtransactions are said to be available on April 12 for PC and PlayStation 3.

The trailer begins with background music from The Crystal Method’s “Name of The Game” as words zoom in on the screen in silver, “What’s your style?”

We then see a green-decked soldier making his way slowly down a neighborhood street with bullet trails going by him. The camera zooms in on the soldier and we get a view of him from the first person perspective as he pulls out a bright purple assault rifle with a view scope featuring a purple star instead of crosshairs. The guns switch from one ridiculous design to another, showing off different personalization packs for Black Ops 2.

One gun appears to be covered in bacon, and then we see a pair of pistols on display with hundred dollar bills painted on them. Some third-person gameplay is seen before switching back to first person shooting through a rough brick doorway. Then the locale seems to switch to the inside of a hotel.

More gameplay footage is seen before we see the “Party Rock” rifle with parts covered in purple icons. We then see the player shooting through a window of a futuristic looking building, and then the outside of a hotel. Various crosshairs are shown off, such as headphones, a purple star, and a CD.

Then we see a gun called “Graffiti,” which is obviously painted likewise. Then the player is seen walking around behind a graffiti-covered riot shield. More gameplay is shown of the gun being fired.