New CoD4 Maps Out!

The new CoD4 Maps are out. Jerry, Joel, Mike B and myself have been playing them all morning.

My thoughts on the maps:
Broadcast is a decent map. I hate it at times but I do like it. I don’t think I’d say I’d love it though but it’s not bad at all.

Chinatown (CoD2 Carentan) I absolutely love. It’s maybe 90%? the same as the original but slightly a little bigger, china theme and you can explore some of the buildings a little more.

Creek is another one I absolutely love. I don’t snipe much often in CoD4 but every now and then I want to and now there’s a perfect map to do so in. It’s a HUGE map. Love what they did to it.

Killhouse we only played in a private match to test it out and look around. It’s a very small map, probably double the size of shipment to maybe 3 times but no more than that. It’s a pretty cool map. I do wish it was in Variety Pack Team Deathmatch. But it’s only a free-for-all map and you might, just might, be able to come around playing it in Variety Pack Team Objective.