Worst Players Ever

Here’s a short list of people worthy enough of being the worst ever, to get on this list.

For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

Added April 2012:

  • Lqdenergy
  • mbl1998x
  • RankWizard69989
      Him and his friend went 2 and 33 (split screen) and I honestly do not understand if you are getting around 6 deaths per minute, then why are you playing this game?

Added March 2012:

  • LuckatheIrish7
      I honestly do not know why people bother to play this game when they go 4 and 23. In what world are you having any fun in and why are you bothering to play this game that you obviously cannot do absolutely anything in? This makes him one of the worst players ever, easily.

Added January 2012:

  • EvilJungle
  • StormyBlackrain
      This guy was extremely bad, not only did he just keep running out and dying. But he died 23 times, seriously. Yet another bad player that should not be playing MW3.
    1. Nate thy Great
        He plays split-screen co-op online, both are absolutely bad and died a combined total of 33 times in TDM with 7 total kills.
    2. HoboHippieGuy47
        He plays split-screen co-op online, both are absolutely bad and died a combined total of 30 times in TDM with 3 total kills.

For Call of Duty: Black Ops:

Added February 2011:

  • iOwn x YeeDee

Added January 2011:

  • dboymurkedout – He also has the worst connection of all time. He’s just one of those people that is so bad at the game (we played against) and should never play an online game, with or without his terrible connection.

Added December 2010:

  • youBUTTERduck
  • That Boy Bad
  • QlevelandsteamR
  • CauseWeCantStop

Added November 2010:

  • muffinfingers12 – This guy camps in the grass in the corners of the map with a silencer, not only that but he goes 4 and 18. You’re a Prestige 1 and that’s why you still do? You’re terrible, go return the game.

For Modern Warfare 2:

Added February 2010:

  • AK DukeBalor v5 – I had to add this guy to the list, he was a pretty bad player anyways though but another guy who just continues to talk shit. He’s from Michigan if you were wondering, with a Comcast IP of using Internet Explorer 8.0, wait, what? IE? Get Firefox or Chrome kid.
  • Crisis Affect – Seriously? One Many Army Noob Tuber? aka Grenade Launcher. Is this all you can use to ATTEMPT to get kills? Yet still lose your match of Domination with us? Sigh, sad.
  • x 1ll kLuTcH x – This kid talked so much shit with nothing to back it up. No one on our team was care package glitched, get over yourself being a terrible player.
  • xZESx – You couldn’t ask for more of a bitcher player this month yet then this guy. This kid and his friend below got worked and just can’t keep their mouth’s shut.
  • Godly Aimz – Want to be drop shotter and just like his friend above, terrible.

Added January 2010:

  • FLOYDMayweather – Was in the lobby with the guy below, one time he went 22-36 another time 21 and 36. Seriously, you’re up to no good.
  • itz PyroRaptor – Typical crappy player again that talks a lot of shit in lobby with nothing to back it up. If you continue to get beat by us, why stay?
  • xSaVaGe SkiLlsx – Guy was pissed at us for beating him and his friend so badly. Not my fault there are people out there better at this game than you.
  • basiln28 – Guy was pissed at us for beating him and his friend so badly. Not my fault there are people out there better at this game than you..
  • SinFallen666 – This kid things he’s good, he went 4 and 17 with a THERMAL sniper on Estate. Seriously, not only did you get worked but you lost 200-136. So next time you try and talk, actually show up, get worked little kid. Anyone considering this guy to play with, don’t even bother, he’s garbage.
  • Purp NuGGs – Camping sniper, lays in the most dumbest spots that snipers even hide in. You can’t even get kills without a sniper, why play?
  • headshot701 – You are just as bad as your buddy below. Just stop playing this game all together. Get worked kid.
  • Leatherneck9407 – Him and his two buddies above talked so much shit they got worked badly. Why don’t you attempt to camp some more and get worked? Thought so.

December 2009:

  • RedViking07 – This guy went 23 and 24, go positive, you are not good. Don’t talk shit when you suck.
  • xNick6969 – This guy is so bad he has to use the models, went 18-36. Why even play?
  • KillDubya9 – Same goes with your friend or not friend below, don’t talk shit and leave a lobby when you just got beat badly.
  • BoneKrusha1990 – Get worked, talk shit after we just slaughtered your team 100-60? Just go somewhere else please.
  • ManHaTnProject1 – Just your typical shit talker when you enter a lobby before having even played each other. We beat this kid on Domination 200-88, he placed third on his time with a K/D of 17-36. Absolutely, terrible.
  • o DAYTON o – This kid got worked by us, just take a look at these stats: (coming shortly).
  • P4RTY4N1M4L15 – Terrible player.

November 2009:

  • heavygunz008 – Another terrible player that was in the same match as the guy below, instead this guy died 19 times. Seriously, 19 times… You are another person that should never of bought this game or played multiplayer.
  • yaegd1gg1ty – I want to know how someone dies 25 times on a 6v6 TDM match. You literally just died 2x the amount anyone typically dies in a match. You are the type of person that should NEVER of purchased this game, or at the very least, played multiplayer.
  • iRAGEi Animus – Mostly everyone is terrible at Modern Warfare 2 but this guy definitely gets the first to be added in here only because I felt like updating this since I have yet to really care but this guy also being 3rd prestige. I’d love to see his kill/death for a 3rd prestige, probably a booster and barely a 1.00.

For Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:

  • kenshinrhei – This kid is so worthy of the worst player for October but since we already have a spot for that, he/she doesn’t fill it. He was on the opposite team but serously, he went 3 and 25. So tell me, is it really worth playing the game then when you are so bad at this game? By the way, get a better connection to.
  • Nocturnal Surf – What to say about this kid? Garbage and a sore loser. Couldn’t take a few loses by us. Pretty much got worked and then some. 🙂
  • Mrs 8o8 – Her and her boyfriend. Wow, absolutely terrible. Played against them and raped them too. They were on same team as guy below.
  • SamohTJ12240 – This kid likes to camp but hey, what happens to campers? They get raped. Yea, just like you. So that is at least worthy of getting on this page because you are really bad.
  • x iiB A M x – We get put into a match down by not much and this guy is absolutely garbage for a 10th prestige 55, which I know by now, just almost 2 years from release everyone should be by now. But anyways, he was 1 and 14 and fucking so bad. Never play CoD4 again. Thanks.
  • MiKe CANAdeZo – This guy gets the Worst Player Ever of October 2009 Award. He went 1 and 21 on our team. Did we still win? Yes but just barely. Why do you even play “Mike?” Why? You got 1 kill and died 21 times, this game and any FPS is just not for you. Try out single player games from now on.

    Here’s an added bonus for everyone, he sent me the following message:

Feel free to comment, especially if you are one of these people or would like to add your own people to this list.