Modern Warfare 3 Dashboarders

Here’s a quick list of people we have caught dashboarding in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360.

You will know if someone dashboarded either by the game ending all of a sudden (or even with a connection error message prior to it ending) or if at the bottom left corner of the game, during the game at anytime, says “(insert gamertag here) Disconnected due to transmission error.”

I occasionally will post High Definition pictures of proof that they have dashboarded. So you can either click the image to enlarge it automatically, or open the particular link I provide to see the picture in a new tab. The same goes for if I have decided to post images of their stats too from the ELITE site or Xbox Live text or voice messages they have sent to us.

April 2012 Dashboarders

March 2012 Dashboarders

February 2012 Dashboarders

January 2012 Dashboarders

December 2011 Dashboarders

November 2011 Dashboarders

  • Chuben flubber
  • xXObaMAXx32
  • solvD
  • SC Sandman
  • xOGxStIcKyIcKy
  • Srgt madness