Possible New CoD4 Playlists coming

IAMfourzerotwo is testing out some new playlists this weekend and if all goes well, we will see most of them if not all of them on Monday. You can read the full post here: IAMfourzerotwo.com among everything else you might want to know.
Bare-bones Team Deathmatch
No more excuses. No more blaming Martyrdom or Juggernaut for your lack of skills and kills. Bare Bones Team Deathmatch eliminates the excuses and takes it back to basics with standard Team Deathmatch with no perks, no kill streak rewards. Just you, your skill, and your weapons.
Hardcore HQ
Hardcore HQ requires a lot more than just spamming the HQ position with nades and running in guns blazing. Hardcore HQ encourages more tactical gameplay and communication to win with increased damage, no HUD elements, and friendly fire on.
Classic Search and Destroy
Call of Duty 2 style, with both teams starting with bombs and objectives to defend adding an entire new layer of tactics and planning to the matches as you have to not only blow up their objective, but stop your’s from being destroyed as well in the same match. Classic Search and Destroy returns the rush of defending an objective while attempting to destroy theirs.
Hardcore FFA
Even faster paced Free For Alls, where every bullet counts and playing smart is key for a solid k/d ratio. Standard Free for All rules, with Hardcore mode enabled for extra damage, no HUD, and no health re-gen.