World at War co-op mode puts you against Nazi zombies

Last night’s episode of GameTrailers TV brought straight from the mouth of Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia — Call of Duty: World at War will contain a four-player, co-op zombie (of the Nazi variety) survival mode.
Those who currently aren’t busy scraping pieces of their blown mind off of the wall behind them will probably be interested in a few details Lamia mentioned — the gameplay mode (which is unlocked upon the completion of the single player campaign) will place four players in a central structure, then assail them with wave upon wave of undead national socialists. Throughout the game, players will collect money which can be used to fortify their compound, or purchase new weapons. Also, there will be Nazi zombies.
You can watch a video of this zombie mode in action at the following link.
Chapter Four of last night’s GTTV episode. They talk about the 4 player co-op zombie mode a few minutes into it after the Mirror’s Edge preview.
Source: Joystiq