Idiots Mass students protest CoD:WaW Dog Violen ...

Apparently student Breanna Lucci, among other students at Massachusett’s Academy of Notre Dame high school are upset about the need to shoot Nazi attack dogs in Call of Duty: World at War. Now forgive me for calling them idiots but what a pointless protest. Lucci is also the president of her school’s Animal Rights Club, go figure.

Now, I do agree that parents need to know what they are buying their kids. But dog killing in this game is little they should be worried about yet alone other games out there that parents need to be researching before they get their kids.

“Parents need to know what they are buying their kids. Killing animals should not be a form of entertainment,” Lucci told the local Lowell Sun. She was first introduced to the game’s canine genocide while watching her college aged brother playing. “My little 12-pound Pomeranian, Winnie the Pooh, is sitting next to him, and I’m thinking, ‘This looks horrible!'” Although she’s sure her brother “won’t be killing dogs after playing,” she believes “some people might.”

Lucci plans to forward her petition, which has been signed by more than 100 of her fellow students, to Activision. Contrary to some petitions aimed at game publishers, hers is simply a show of disgust, and does not call for any executives to be fired, boiled alive or hung by their feet until dead. You go, girl.

Little do they know that nothing is going to come out of this. Right now as of this post, there are 245,237 people playing Call of Duty: World at War online. I highly doubt Activision is going to issue a patch ever to stop the so called dog violence. Breanna is just another one of those people you hear on the news saying that video games cause violence.

Source: Joystiq