Game Informer offers first look at Modern Warfare 2

As confirmed by Game Informer, the June issue of the popular gaming magazine will feature Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 for its “world exclusive first look”. The magazine promises ten pages worth of coverage on the shooter that will “blow your mind”.

“We’ve been really excited to reveal this one, so here it is: Modern Warfare 2. We’ve got a 10 page world-exclusive cover story on the new shooter that’s going to blow your mind.” The information comes after the first gameplay teaser for Modern Warfare 2 was shown on TNT this past week.

Scans from the upcoming issue show the following features will be included in Modern Warfare 2:

  • No co-op in story mode, but separate missions reminiscent of CoD4’s Mile High Club include cooperative multiplayer.
  • In the wintery bits of the game, snowmobiles will be used to escape attack, but it’s unclear whether players will be driving or shooting from the vehicles. Ice walls can also be climbed by alternating between the two triggers.
  • A live-patching system will be implemented for online multiplayer, forgoing the need for a downloadable patch.
  • Game will run at 60 frames-per-second, with better detail than CoD4.
  • Riot shields, movable turrets and customized weapons for single-player enemies were mentioned.
  • Gameplay’s a bit more open-ended than CoD4 but is still linear.
  • Stealth can now be used if you like.
  • Infinity Ward’s working on fixing enemy respawn issues (CoD4’s enemies would constantly respawn unless a player crossed a certain line).
  • The single-player campaign will be longer than it was in CoD4.