Final word on MW2 beta rumors

This is coming straight from Robert Bowling’s (fourzerotwo’s blog) but shortened for you with my own words. If you would like to read the original article and what fourzerotwo had to say, click the source link at the bottom of this post.

Unless Infinity Ward announces a Public Beta, their will not be one. So unless your information is coming straight from Infinity Ward or a website’s article with a source link to an Infinity Ward/Activision announcement, their will not be one.

This does not mean the multiplayer will be bad. Ask yourself when has Infinity Ward ever put out a bad multiplayer? Never. I have been playing since the first release of Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 on PC and never once thought they were ever bad. They get more amazing each new game.

Robert goes on to also say that they have been doing closed beta’s inside of Infinity Ward, Activision, and possibly 1st party partners worldwide. Also if they feel once the internal beta has completed and they do not feel they have received the feedback they wanted. They will push forward to a public one.

Remember, only at this time there will be a internal beta. This does not mean at all their might be a huge change there will be a public one this year. I know we all want to see one, just like their was with COD4 and CODWAW but from this announcement, do not lose sleep over thinking their may be one this time.