Modern Warfare 2 DLC Arriving on 360 March 30th!

It has just been confirmed by Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling that Modern Warfare 2’s first DLC (downloadable content) will arrive on Xbox 360 March 30th, 2010. If you are unaware of this, this is exclusive to Xbox 360 for the first 30 days only. Afterwards, those PS3 and PC players will be able to play these new maps as well. So mark your calendars!

In this new downloadable content currently titled from my knowledge as “Stimulus Package” I do know contain 2 maps from Call of Duty 4, those being Overgrown and Crash. I am more a fan of Strike and Bog and wish those were coming over instead. Could you imagine a game of Bog on Modern Warfare 2? Hell yeah, I wish it would happen. But I would be more than happy with just Strike, my favorite map of all time.

They also contain 3 new maps Complex, Compact and Storm. I can not post pictures that have been previously leaked days ago. You will just have to wait till the end of the month to play them or as new information arrives over the next few weeks. I am sure there will be and we will be posting them when the time comes too.

Source is from Robert “fourzerotwo” Bowling himself over a tweet of his. Which also links to a website made by them: – Feeling the effects of Mapathy? It’s okay, the cure is hitting #Xboxlive in just 3 short weeks. #MW2