Treyarch’s Viral Site: Confirms Zomb ...

Treyarch’s Viral Site has been updated with an age verification process. Once you have entered, you will notice the following video which is shown this post.

This now confirms that Zombies will in fact be apart of the upcoming Call of Duty title “Black Ops.” You may of already figured zombies would be a part of Black Ops too when it was released not too long ago that if you purchased the Hardened or Prestige versions of Call of Duty when it comes out (or pre-ordered) that it would also include the 4 maps of Zombie Mode from Call of Duty: World at War. Well not you know, if you did not.

Either way, this is great news and you can expect Treyarch to add even more to Zombies all together than what they did before in World at War too. I think zombie mode will be a lot more fun than it already was.