Take a look at Modern Warfare 3’s ban hammer app

Have you ever been curious as to what Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3’s Ban hammer App (BanDialog) looks like? Well now you can, thanks to Robert Bowling himself for tweeting a picture of it, shown below.

The following options are in the application:

  • Reason for banning such as Glitching and for how long, in this screenshot, 2 Days.
  • Ban Summary text field as to why they are being banned.
  • What type of reset: Nothing, Positive Reset or Positive Reset with Prestige Tokens.
  • What punishment for leaderboarders: Nothing, Delete from Leaderboarders or Delete from SO Leaderboards.
  • What gametype to ban from: Multiplayer, SpecOps, Leaderboards, Prestige, Split Screen.

Also if you look to the left side of the image, you can see a list of players that are getting the ban, while it might only be 2 days or not is unknown but at least Infinity Ward is showing they are active to keeping the game as clean as they possibly can until either they decide to stop months down the road or the next Call of Duty comes out.

Here are some of the Xbox Live gamertags from the left side list in the image: COD IVIMONST3R, iB DrEaMz, xxBEEWEEZEExx, focon noir, kNOwN2a1l, Rubinho vlc, Pashm, iBeKillinEm26, R E A L I Z E i, TryHard Life, SprayurF8ce, MSG ME FOR HEAD, renny top shot, Brick My Xbox, PrettyJjackson, AjStylez, x MR WHITE xx, Sucio AuGor v2, NsKz Is Clutch, AfootBalloon2, TITAN 559, Aim Da Shooter, mr clean69, soulreapersteve, CAMPTASTIC420, Jah Workss, Morrrrrrrron, Yourself1994, Orsly33, and a few more that are pretty much unreadable without putting more work into it.