Inside Black Ops 2 Multiplayer: Score Streaks

In addition to a re-imagined Create-a-Class system with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, players will encounter a new Score Streak System – a system that is designed to reward more aspects of play and promote/reward those who achieve the objectives in each game mode.

Each Score Streak reward has a score requirement, a number that needs to be achieved in order for the reward to be earned. A player’s score goes up based on their in-game actions, such as kills, captures or plants. But what helps as well are the special plays made along the way, like defending an objective or scoring a double kill. The extra points earned from these actions now benefit a player’s climb towards bigger and better rewards. If a player dies at any time, their score is reset and they must rebuild their score meter again.

The list of Score Streak rewards range from new items drawn from the 2025 setting as well as some updated favorites. Suppress enemy movement with the brand new Guardian, a high-powered microwave dish that stuns and impairs enemies. Soar above the playing field with the Wasp quad rotor, taking out foes with the mounted machine gun.

Some rewards are player or AI controllable. When the Autonomous Ground Robot (A.G.R.) is brought into play, it breaks out of its airdrop container and instantly goes to work against the enemy. But at any time during its life, the owner can take over and remotely pilot this drone towards opposing troops.

One of my favorite AI-controlled Score Streaks is the escort drone – when you call it in, you hear it overhead, going to work for you and talking to you. You hear it target and eliminate targets, confirming it for you as it happens. And there’s also the Lightning Strike, which allows players to pinpoint three target areas and launch an aerial assault.

It’s that kind of interactivity that is factored into things like the Hellstorm Missile – players guide it to its path and can hit one spot or disperse a cluster of bombs to try and take out multiple enemies – it’s the ultimate risk/reward scenario. Pull the trigger too soon and you could miss everyone – pull it at the right time and you shift the momentum of the match. And don’t even get me started about the VTOL aircraft – you literally rain steel on your enemies from above.

Returning rewards have their own surprises as well. Players who call in UAVs now earn assist points whenever a teammate makes a kill, incentivizing this team support item. The Death Machine may be a little harder to earn this time around, but players now get to keep the devastating mini-gun for the duration of its massive ammunition supply.

Score Streaks are an exciting new way for players to earn in-game rewards. The system ensures that those who play the objective are justly rewarded for their efforts. At the same time, only those that display skill and precision will reach the most valuable rewards.