New Customization Items Coming for Ghosts and Black Op ...

Ready for more Call of Duty: Ghosts Customization Items? This Tuesday, March 4, a few more pieces of content are headed to Xbox platforms, and there’s a decidedly sinister bent to this batch.


“Revenge is like a ghost.” – Vladimir Makarov

First, there’s the Makarov Legend Pack, which lets you play as one of the most notorious villains in Call of Duty history – Vladimir Makarov – in Ghosts multiplayer. The pack also gives you a special Makarov-themed Personalization Pack with a weapon camo, patch, reticle, playercard and background. Like the Price Legend Pack before it, it’s slated for a $3.99 price point.

In addition to Makarov, there are other infamous Call of Duty villain characters available for multiplayer play, too. Each will cost $1.99:


Gabriel Rorke led the Ghosts…before becoming their biggest threat.


Modern Warfare antagonist Irman Zakhaev returns…with both arms.


I would call bullets hazardous materials, but be warned: the Hazmat Suit won’t actually stop them.

Also, for Call of Duty fans who continue to enjoy Black Ops II, here’s some more good news: Four new Personalization Packs will be available on Tuesday for $1.99 each. Each set offers a weapon camo, three reticles, and an animated calling card. I don’t have images of these yet, but I do have names and descriptions:

  • Beast, which is “inspired by nature’s most lethal predators”;
  • Dead Man’s Hand, influenced by Old West gunslingers and card players;
  • Octane, which aims to please racing fans; and
  • Weaponized 115, based on the Treyarch’s epic Zombies experience, Origins

All these new Call of Duty Customization Items for Ghosts and Black Ops II will be available at the “Store” option of each game’s multiplayer menu on Tuesday, March 4. Xbox platforms get it first, with other platforms to follow. There has been no date set yet.