The Division Season Pass content includes three expans ...

Ubisoft has outlined the list of content included with The Division’s Season Pass, confirming that Season Pass owners will gain access to three upcoming expansion packs, additional gear and exclusive “monthly perks.”

While dates for the expansions have yet to be confirmed, the first, called ‘Underground’, will let a squad of four players “explore new territory in a post-epidemic New York City underworld.”

The second, meanwhile, which is titled ‘Survival’, will task players with surviving “a hostile environment that will challenge even the most hardcore Division players.” We know nothing about the third expansion, however, besides the name ‘Last Stand’.

Season Pass owners will also gain access to an exclusive sawed-off shotgun, new outfits and weapon skins at launch, plus ongoing “monthly perks in the form of exclusive content drops and events.”

Free updates are planned for throughout 2016, too, introducing new game modes built around co-op challenges.

A price for the Season Pass has yet to be confirmed, but it is currently available with the game’s Gold and Collector’s Editions. It isn’t yet clear how much each expansion pack will cost, either.

The Division launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8. A closed beta launched on Xbox One earlier today, and is due to go live on PS4 and PC today.