Infinity Ward drops Call of Duty, just Modern Warfare ...

While Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay will still just be like of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward is getting rid of the Call of Duty name all together and it will just be called, Modern Warfare 2.

This does sadden me, especially when I love to refer to playing Call of Duty, it will not what-so-ever stop me from purchasing the game. It will rock and it will get me away from Call of Duty: World at War for a final time.

Here is the update from the GameSpot post:

[UPDATE] An official press release sent out the subsequent morning confirms that Modern Warfare 2 will not bear the “Call of Duty” prefix. Activision had not answered questions about whether or not the game was the unique new IP that Infinity Ward mentioned when it revealed that its top talent had signed long-term contracts with Activision last July.

Confirmed Source: GameSpot | Joystiq