Rumor: Call of Duty moving to Vietnam?

Treyarch’s Noah Heller mentioned shortly before the release of Call of Duty: World at War that the developer was probably going to lay off World War II for a while, leaving many to wonder what the stage of operations for the next CoD would be. If a report from That VideoGame Blog proves accurate, Activision may be taking the franchise to a much groovier era — the 1960s. (Anno Domini, that is — though who are we to assume 1960 B.C. wasn’t equally groovy?)

TVGB is reporting that an anonymous, “trusted” source informed them Activision’s been looking to license “Vietnam War era tunes, as well as Cuban, African, and Soviet Union music.” The source mentioned that Heller (and, assumedly, Treyarch) is involved in the aforementioned license hunting. As with all rumors spawned by anonymous tipsters, we encourage you to take this rumor with a two-ton boulder of salt — just to be safe, we’ve contacted Activision for a comment.

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