CoD:WaW Map Pack 3 Achievement List

Here is the list of the new Map Pack 3 Zombie Map “Der Riese” Achievements coming out next month.

Elevate Your Senses!: Activate the fly trap.
Locksmith!: Open all doors in the map.
40 Knives!: Kill 40 zombies with the bowie knife.
Der electrican!: Link all teleport pads before round 7.
Frequent Flyer!: Use the teleporter 8 times.
Perkaholics Anonymous!: Survive untill round 20 without buying a single perk.
Wacker Packer!: Upgrade any weapon in Pack A Punch.
Acquire Waffle Weapons!: Obtain the Ray Gun, Dg-2, and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game.
Pack Addict!: Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack A Punch Machine.
The Might of the monkey!: Use the Monkey Bomb.