Treyarch on Hacking / Console Modding

Call of Duty World at War’s latest Title Update addressed a number of issues that arose as a result of modders hacking their console and ultimately disrupting the online experience for everybody else.

In light of these recent events, they would like to make something abundantly clear to the community: Treyarch has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards console hackers / modders. They are actively working with our console partners (Microsoft and Sony) to take action against all proven offenders, up to and including a complete ban from all of their online services. Their number one priority is to protect the experience of our online gaming community (most of you reading this message), and the efforts of console hackers / modders directly target the community in a negative way.

They understand that a primary motivation in hacking / modding is to bring something “fresh” or “new” to the game. That is why the PC platform has a full suite of Mapping / Modding tools, along with plenty of documentation to go along with it. If you are interested in the technical aspect of game modding, check out the PC version of CoD:WaW, where modding is legal, fully supported, and encouraged. There is a flourishing community of mod developers who have taken their curiosity and passion for modifying the released game and have turned it into a positive experience for their fellow gamers and enthusiasts. In fact, some of the very talented developers at Treyarch were hired as a direct result of their productive PC modifications.

For those of you that are currently modding or are considering modding your console, this message should serve as a warning; for those of you looking to enjoy a safe and fun online experience, please be reassured by it – console hacking is illegal, and will not be tolerated. They are working hard to maintain a pure, fun online experience for upstanding players, and thank you for your ongoing support